Since the beginning of our company, we have been co-operating with foreigners. This experience allowed us to learn what are the greatest difficulties foreigners need to face when trying to master Polish. Working with such busy people as foreign businessmen and servicemen or servicewomen stationing in Bydgoszcz, we have already found that the greatest obstacle for them is lack of time. Moreover, Polish is by no means a simple grammar system, therefore highly qualified teachers, well-tried methods and professional syllabuses are essential. Consequently, we offer:

   short communicative courses adapted to individual needs and run by highly qualified experts

   professional syllabuses composed of 60 lessons and based on European Council guidelines

   Polish lessons at 8 levels, designed for everybody from beginners to advanced students

   flexibility as regards course intensity. We adjust course intensity to the needs of a student: possible options range from a 2-week course (6 lessons a day) to a 20-week course (4 lessons a week)

   we organise courses at the student's place to save them journey time

   individual or mini-group courses in our school are another option


   Wynajmij salę szkoleniową w Progress Factory

   Już od 150 PLN za dzień szkoleniowy!


   Polish for foreigners

   Experienced teachers lead you through complexities of Polish grammar.

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